Xyresic Capital

xy•re•sic (-res´-ik), adj. sharp as a razor.


Xyresic Holdings, LLC (“Xyresic” or “the Firm”) was founded in 2020.  The firm has successfully completed eight portfolio investments since founding.

Xyresic ideally seeks to partner with owners and entrepreneurs to collaboratively grow businesses by implementing operational initiatives together. 


  • Acquire lower middle market businesses with operational and/or strategic opportunities or challenges.
  • Target control transactions.
  • Focus on industry segments where Xyresic and the Firm’s operating partners have deep sector experience: Energy; Hospitality & Leisure; Business Services; Industrials; Manufacturing; Franchising; and Specialty Chemicals.


Xyresic believes operational expertise extends beyond cost reduction, provides additional control over strategic direction and value creation in portfolio companies, enables the successful integration of add-on acquisitions, and enhances the Firm’s ability to deliver attractive returns regardless of economic or credit cycles.


Deliver attractive returns by strategically investing in lower middle market companies and creating value through proven operational expertise.


  • Create value attributable to operational improvements rather than financial engineering.
  • Leverage operational expertise to transcend economic and credit cycles.
  • Address the broad opportunity set in the lower middle market, which is generally less efficient and has more attractive risk-return profiles than the broader market.


Xyresic’s principals have extensive experience and complementary skill   sets spanning value-oriented private equity, operational improvements, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, and legal advisory.

Xyresic’s principals have a history of working closely with established operational consulting firms and operating partners who bring significant experience and true operational expertise to each investment opportunity.

Xyresic’s principals have worked with numerous operational resources on transactions in the past in varying capacities and, in many cases, have maintained these relationships for over a decade. 

the xyresic edge

Experienced Manager with Extensive Value Creation Expertise

  • Xyresic principals possess extensive experience investing in value-oriented private equity and implementing operational improvements.
  • This experience enables Xyresic to strategically invest in the lower middle market and mobilize resources to create value within each portfolio company.

Strategic Relationships

with Operational Resources

  • Xyresic partners with nationally recognized operational consulting firms with significant experience in the space.
  • These resources are able to advise, augment, and, if needed, supplement management teams in order to implement strategic value creation plans.
  • These partnerships incorporate operational expertise into every facet of Xyresic’s investment process by involving the operations team in diligence and ensuring continuity through implementation and exit.

the xyresic edge

Full Alignment with Limited Partners

  • Xyresic is committed to providing an exceptional investor experience, delivering timely, transparent communications, and providing full access to its principals.
  • Xyresic principals make significant investments in each portfolio company.

Deep, Diverse Network

  • Each of Xyresic’s principals brings a network that was developed over decades and promotes sourcing of different proprietary investment opportunities outside of auction processes.

Focus on Inefficient Market

  • The lower middle market attracts fewer sophisticated investors, resulting in an attractive risk/reward profile.
  • Xyresic believes it is uniquely positioned to create value by delivering true operational expertise to lower middle market companies.

Ability to Execute Investment Strategy Regardless of Economic and Credit Cycles

  • Xyresic’s strategy of pursuing operational improvements can create value across cycles.